Cytech implemented the Application for the issuing of Seaworthiness Certificates (ANI) of Greek sailors

In December 2024, Cytech completed, on behalf of the Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy, the project of developing an information system in order to support the Department of Certificates of Maritime Competence of the Directorate of Marine Education (DE-KN).

The information system implemented:

  • incorporates Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)
  • fully supports the process of issuing the Certificate of Competence-CoC / Certificate of Proficiency-CoP, in accordance with the International Convention “On standards of training, certification and custody of seafarers 1978” (STCW), as well as the amended national legislation.
  • provides the possibility of searching and monitoring the existing certificates, for various categories of Seafarers, including seafarers’ visas (endorsements) issued by a third country.
  • fully digitizes on the one hand the process of submitting an electronic application on behalf of seafarers and informing them accordingly, and on the other hand the verification of the certificates’ authenticity.

This project is one of the steps taken by the Ministry of Shipping towards the digitization of its processes, with the aim of modernizing, speeding up and optimizing its operation.