Digital Transformation

Bringing businesses and organization in the 21st century by digitizing operations and routines.
A major task that software companies and government agencies are undertaking, is the digital transformation of day-to-day operations and routines, in order to facilitate companies, organizations and citizens. Cytech is contributing to this transformation by working on projects and software that will automate routines, minimize bureaucracy and make tasks more efficient.

Project Management Tool

Assigned by the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Insular Policy

The project aims to create a web application that will enable the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Insular Policy executives to quickly and efficiently monitor and manage all actions and projects run by all departments of the Ministry. The Project Management Tool was created based on the Ministry’s specific needs, taking into consideration the processes and procedures that are used by its different departments for the monitoring of the various projects that are in progress at any given time. The software was installed in the Ministry’s infrastructures for maximum efficiency and minimum hosting costs.

Application for the Digital Submission of Census Forms

Assigned by the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Insular Policy

In the framework of the Act “Internship of students of Merchant Marine Academies on board to fulfill their first maritime educational voyage”, but also in general for European Community Fund operations, the Ministry of Maritime Affairs is obliged to have a system of data collection, processing, storage and transfer of the participant’s data, in order on the one hand to ensure the accuracy and adequacy of the data of the participants and on the other hand the timely updating of the Integrated Information System with these data. The above collection, processing, and storage of participants’ data are based on the conditions included in the Integration Decision. To this end, a specialized web application was developed for the computerization of the above processes.

Certificates of Seaworthiness Issuing System

Assigned by the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Insular Policy

The aim of this project is to develop a system to support the function of the Certificates of Seaworthiness Department of the Directorate of Sailors’ Training.
The developed information system integrates Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and:

  • fully supports the process of issuing the Certificate of Competence-CoC (Certificate of Proficiency-CoP), in accordance with the International Convention “On standards of training, certification and custody of seafarers 1978” (STCW), as amended and the national legislation.
  • provides the possibility of searching and monitoring existing certificates, for various categories of Seafarers, including seafarers’ endorsements issued by a third country.
  • fully digitizes on the one hand the process of submitting an electronic application on behalf of seafarers and informing them, on the other hand the verification of the authenticity of the certificates.

Registration of employees’ overtime via SMS

Assigned by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

The subject of this project is to offer a dedicated 5digit SMS number and technical support services for the needs of the Labor Inspection Body.

Specifically, Cytech offers to the ministry a dedicated 5digit shortcode, where employers send via SMS the overtime of their employees and thus register it to the ministry’s system.

Cytech’s system is directly connected to the ministry’s system and the whole process of receiving the employers’ messages and replying whether the registration of the overtimes was successful, is automated.