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We unite diverse minds working harmoniously to turn
complex problems into growth opportunities.

About Cytech Mobile

Cytech was founded in 2001 and had been developing software and business solutions since then. It has always been active in the software community and continues to learn, evolve, innovate and keep track of everything new that appears in technology trends and development.

Cytech has the know-how and personnel to implement/create software based on the specific needs of each partner/project. There are many cases of companies and organizations that require very particular software solutions, which do not exist as ready products or services anywhere in the world. In such cases, Cytech’s team designs and implements the solution that will cover the needs of each company or organization based on its distinct requirements.

Especially during the Covid-19 era, Cytech proved its readiness, quick reflexes, flexibility, know-how, and expertise by tackling very time-sensitive, data-intensive, and crucial projects, which helped the Greek society and the European community move forward and minimize the disruption that the pandemic brought.

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We Craft Software

In Cytech Mobile, we are all passionate about building quality software. We think of software development as a craft that helps shape the new digital world we live in.

As craftsmen and craftswomen, we all share a common passion for developing elegant solutions that help solve today’s business challenges through the use of technology.


We Believe in Creativity

We don’t think a company should suck the life out of its employees and we know the difference between someone who works hard and someone who works a lot. We recognize that building quality software is a creative process, so we know that when our people are creative, we benefit the most. We constantly strive to create a working environment where everyone can bring out the best in him/her.

All our R&D takes place on the sunny island of Crete, Greece and we are based in the Science & Technology Park, within the Foundation for Research & Technology Hellas (FORTH). It is a unique environment outside the city life, surrounded only by olive trees, the Cretan mountains, and other creative people.

We Invest in People

We are a people company and we consider our people to be our most valuable asset, so we constantly invest in them, both as individuals, as well as a whole team.

We acknowledge that we don’t know everything. However, we know that we are all really good at learning, so we give our people ample opportunities to interact with their peers in the outside world. We actively encourage attending meetups, conferences, unconferences, training programs, etc., so we can all learn and improve.

At the same time, internally we work as a team because we know this way we can achieve more. We invest in all sorts of team-building activities, whether it’s board game tournaments, brainstorming sessions on the beach, or various other activities involving delicious & healthy food from the Cretan diet.


ISO Certified

In the 21st century, Francis Bacon’s famous phrase “knowledge is power” has, according to many, changed to “information is power”.

Cytech, having more than 20 years of experience in technology, design and implementation of software and IT, fully understands the value that information has acquired and the need for the security of systems and information. Especially now, when information security is also a legal obligation of all companies and government agencies, Cytech’s experience in this field is invaluable.

Cytech takes care to design and implement its systems and applications with security as a primary consideration. With the help of specialized consultants, it has ensured that the appropriate internal procedures are in place, so that the security of its systems and software is also certified. Consequently, we are ISO27001:2013 certified by TUV Austria Hellas for the implementation and provision of software and services and we ensure that all our applications and services are provided based on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


Latest News

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Cytech participated in the InnoDays 2022 exhibition
Cytech participated in the InnoDays 2022 exhibition
Cytech participated in the three-day innovation event Innodays 2022 – Days of Innovation – Region of Crete which was successfully completed on November 27, 2022. Businesses, as well as innovation and entrepreneurship promotion agencies, participated in the event. Cytech, being a business with innovative applications and services, participated in the exhibition by presenting to the...
Cytech exhibited in WWC 2022 in Madrid
Cytech exhibited in WWC 2022 in Madrid
The Wholesale World Congress has been taking place in Madrid for quite some time now and is considered to be one of the most anticipated and successful exhibitions in the Mobile Messaging industry. Cytech Mobile exhibited in WWC 2022, presenting the state of the art A2P Wholesale SMS Trading Platform, mCore, and the first Business...
Career Intelligence for young adults
Career Intelligence for young adults
Cytech is proud to be part of the new EU project in cooperation with Bochum’s work scientists in the Ruhr-University and other researchers from several EU countries. This time, artificial intelligence is to support young people in their career orientation. How artificial intelligence (AI) can best support young people in developing professional perspectives and planning...