racket.gr: Cytech’s new product for the racket enthusiasts

At Cytech we are always striving to innovate and create products of great value to our users.

About a year ago a new idea started to develop in the company. This time, the concept combines our love for technology and for sports. We did research, studied the market, and talked to people in the field so we could bring this idea to life and evolve it.

This is how racket.gr was born. A platform that aims to guarantee the transactions of buying and selling sports equipment. We have created a new space for tennis and padel fans, and our main goal is the cultivation of trust. In particular, we use the power of technology so that our users can complete their purchases with comfort, ease, and above all, security.

Through the racket.gr platform, users find a wide variety of used and new tennis and padel equipment, from rackets and shoes, to accessories, clothes, etc. In this way, they also contribute to the circular economy, giving new life to their equipment and reducing their environmental footprint.

However, racket.gr is not only a platform for buying and selling equipment. It is a community of passionate tennis and padel players, continuously cultivated since July 2023. The aim of the community is to entertain, connect and help members to develop, with rich content, articles, and daily posts. Our users currently use the racket.gr Facebook group to post their ads.

Soon, new functionalities will be added to the platform that will elevate the shopping experience. Advanced features such as search and filtering, secure payments, shipping throughout Greece, and much more. A new era in sports!

The ultimate goal of the platform is for everyone to enjoy sports more. Connecting with other players who share the same passion, helps them develop both their skills and the sport itself.

Stay tuned for more news from the development of racket.gr!