Usage statistics and low balance alerts in 2.6

by Cytech, 5 January 2011
prosms_mobilesHeraklion, Greece, January 05, 2011 – Cytech Ltd., the Greek mobile marketing software provider, released earlier today the latest version of its bulk SMS service, version 2.6, including new features such as usage statistics and low balance alerts by email, bulk contact updates and support for bulk SMS and personalized SMS in the HTTP API.

The features included in the new release are:

  • reportsUsage statistics by email: Every user has the ability to receive daily, weekly or monthly usage statistics by email, with the total messages and the messages per network during the report time period.
  • email_alertsLow balance alerts by email: The latest release provides the feature of low balance alerts by email when the balance of a user is under the limit that s/he has defined. Furthermore, email alerts will be sent in case of canceled dispatches due to insufficient balance.
  • contacts_updateBulk contacts update: 2.6 allows users to perform bulk updates on their existing contacts, simply by submitting the file with the new data. This feature is useful when sending personalized messages to contacts with fields that change frequently.
  • New contacts/history export formats: The latest release supports exporting contacts and user history in new file formats, making the storage and the management of the user’s data even easier. The new file types that where added are: OpenOffice Spreadsheet, CSV and plain text file, TXT.
  • Contact and complaint form: 2.6 provides its users with a new way to communicate and submit questions or complaints. The contact and complaint form allows faster and better user support in any time of the day.
  • httpapiHTTP API – Bulk and personalized SMS: The latest release of the HTTP API provides the users with the ability to send bulk and personalized SMS from their applications or site. The personalized SMS enables the user to insert information about the SMS recipients in the message body.


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