mobile2021-09-09by cytech

New mCore API

mCore is a powerful engine on which Cytech has based the creation and provision of 3 distinct SaaS cloud- based white label platforms. Specifically, the 3 mCore platforms are the following: 

  • A2P Wholesale platform
  • Carrier Billing platform
  • Mobile marketing platform


In order to help our partners around the world incorporate the functions of the mcore platforms they have acquired, with their other systems, we have created an API that incorporates most of the platforms’ functions. 

The API lets platforms’ users perform major tasks like user management, price lists management, routing rules setup and modification and user roles management via third systems, eg. CRMs.

This API is an addition to the existing interfaces that mCore offers for SMS and OTT message sending, payments  services, mobile coupons etc. 

This new feature was developed upon the request of existing mCore partners that have recognised the need for increased integration of Cytech’s platforms to their other systems. 

Cytech, keeping true to its commitment for the continuous support of its partners and the constant improvement of its products and services, has delivered the added value that was requested. 

mCore is an evolving organism that keeps changing according to the needs of the market, the new technological developments and the requests of the people and organizations that use it as the main tool of their business.