mobile2021-05-09by cytech

Multiple pricelists per user account

mCore now supports multiple price lists per user account

One of the major functions of mCore is A2P messaging. In the A2P market and especially in the wholesale A2P business, each customer uses multiple routes per destination depending on the quality, deliverability, supported features and price of each route.

Routes with different quality and characteristics have different prices, thus it was important for our partners to be able to offer the different types of routes to their customers with ease. Until recently each customer needed to have more than one account, depending on the number of different routes they wanted to use. This was acceptable but not the most productive and efficient way of doing things.

As a result, we implemented this new feature that allows for our partners to set many different price lists to each customer’s account. In this way, each customer can choose the route they want to use for each sending and get charged accordingly without having to change the account they use per case.

This provides ease, efficiency, speed and does not fill the platform with multiple accounts for each customer.

The needs of our partners always drive our work and provide us with information about the next things that need to be done to take mCore to the next level.