Mobile Coupons

Now, send coupons to the mobile devices of your customers.

Mobile Coupons Service

We offer a range of services, where a simple payment through SMS enables you to generate revenue and build a successful business model.

A Mobile Coupon is an electronic coupon that is distributed through mobile phones and can be exchanged for a cash discount or a special offer when purchasing a product or service.

Our software supports Mobile Coupons both via SMS and QR codes, which the customer can redeem in the store, during an online purchase, or via his mobile phone (provided the user is connected to the internet).

We provide a wide range of options, so you can carry out your campaign using the appropriate type of Mobile coupon and redemption methods.

Types of Mobile Coupons

SMS Coupon

Redemption codes are sent via bulk SMS (text or multimedia content) to your contact lists.

Text for Coupon

Consumers send a “keyword” to a shortcode requesting a Mobile Coupon.

Scan & Win

Consumers scan a QR code to obtain a Mobile Coupon and optionally verify if they have won.

Mobile Coupons Features

Campaign Creation

  • Unique vs reusable redemption codes.
  • Engage customers with a countdown timer for redemption in the store.
  • Reshare and generate leads or trace and reward loyalty.
  • Scenarios with social media and/or landing page integration via our API.
  • Integration with 3rd party barcode scanners and POS systems.

Coupons Generation

  • Code generation or importing of codes from files.
  • Pdf codes, QR codes, barcodes.
  • Pin code option for the redemption.
  • Double option.
  • Custom coupon design.
  • Mobile wallets integration.

Redemption & Analytics

  • In-store and online redemption.
  • Offline or Live redemption.
  • Geolocation in every phase (delivered coupons, visited coupons, redeemed coupons).
  • In-depth analytics for each user and the whole campaign.
  • BI tool for further analysis of each campaign’s results with powerful filtering capabilities.

Example of a Mobile Coupons Campaign
Consumers receive a text message with the link to the Mobile Coupon in it.
Consumers access the Mobile Coupon, which includes the redemption button.
Consumers click on the “redeem” button, and the Mobile Coupon are instantly invalidated.

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