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mCore, The Mobile
Marketing Power House

Today’s consumer relies heavily on his mobile device when shopping. Become a part of his everyday life and empower your marketing distribution channels & market analysis tools with our state-of-the-art mobile marketing platform. A one-stop shop solution crafted with care from a team with more than 19 years of experience in mobile marketing technologies.

From mobile coupon creation with smart and agile redemption methods to bulk SMS, 2way SMS communication, loyalty integration, and powerful analytics, we will provide the necessary tools to create a unique competitive advantage for your company.

The Technology

mCore, is based on a powerful technology that Cytech has created and evolved throughout the last 15 years. With mobility at its core, the software constantly offers the top tier of digital resources for marketers to build, manage & measure powerful campaigns.

Having domain expertise in mobile messaging, we ensure that your message will be received on time from the targeted user.

The Platform’s Services

The platform includes various services that can be used for mobile marketing campaigns. Specifically:

  • Bulk SMS
  • OTT messaging, e.g., Viber, with a powerful fallback mechanism
  • 2way SMS communication
  • SMS competitions & Mega Promos
  • SMS voting
  • SMS surveys
  • Mobile Coupons with various options for coupon delivery and redemption
  • Continuous integration of new technologies once they available, e.g., RCS


Powerful Business intelligence that derives from domain expertise. With more than 50 ready-made charts & the ability to create your very own ones, you will master mobile marketing practices and you will optimize your cost per campaign.

This will offer you unique skills to measure and reevaluate campaigns in order to track and better engage with your customers and end users.

Integration with
Third-party Systems

  • All services offered via the mCore Mobile Marketing Platform come with their own APIs.
  • Integrate and automatize the service delivery to the users and the communication between the users and your customer.
  • Set coupons or messages to be sent automatically to users with specific triggers (e.g., when purchasing something from a website or reaching a specific level of loyalty points).
  • Let your customers’ CRM collect all the data from each campaign and for every user they reached (deliverability ratios, users’ replies, coupon delivery, redemption, etc.).
  • Even custom APIs and integrations can be implemented upon request.

Partners & Affiliation

mCore is designed for Brands as well as for marketing agencies and resellers. With our white label solution, you can have as many resellers as you wish and grow your business and footprint in the mobile marketing segment.

Differentiate your company and innovate without investing capital. We provide you with innovation as a service.

A Platform that
Fits your Needs

  • Customizations according to specific needs.
  • SLA-based support plans up to 24/7 according to specific needs.
  • Flexible pricing model.
  • Quick deployment anywhere in the world with no need for local installation.
  • Cloud-based: redundancy, scalability, auto backup mechanism, no hardware purchase and maintenance needed, minimal TCO.

Security is Important

Information is power, so we ensure that your information and data are kept safe, following the latest technology trends.

ISO27001 Certified

Cytech Mobile has been certified with ISO 27001 for the Development and Provision of Software and Services.

GDPR Compliant

Cytech Mobile’s software and services provided is compliant with the GDPR requirements.

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