mCore A2P
Wholesale Platform

A hosted, cloud-based and white label business suite.

Monetize SMS

Be part of the lucrative SMS Business.

White Label

Acquire your A2P platform now.

Cloud Based

No need for hardware and no hidden costs.

Full-Featured SMS Trading

  • Detailed Pricing per client per route per country per network.
  • Management of Vendors’ pricelists.
  • Low balance alert to each client.
  • Different currency per client capability.
  • Multilingual platform capability.
  • Zero-capital investment.

Platform Connectivity

  • Built-in SMPP server and client.
  • Various APIs are available out of the box (SMPP, HTTP, SOAP, etc.).
  • Unlimited vendors & clients Connections on all plans.
  • No vendor lock.
  • DIY vendor & client connection setup.

Flexible Client and
Resellers Management

  • Role-based access.
  • Different account access levels are supported out of the box (admin, account manager, etc.).
  • Unlimited resellers.
  • Multiple routes and price lists per client/reseller account.

Easy and Versatile
Routing Management

  • Priority queue management.
  • Dynamic Routing.
  • On-the-fly routing configuration.
  • LCR/percentage routing/prefix or real network routing.
  • HLR/MNP support.
  • 10k transactions per second.
  • Powerful gateway/routing configuration via web UI and/or CLI.

In-depth Reporting
and Monitoring

  • The 1st BI tool is specifically designed for the messaging business.
  • Alerting capabilities for the unusual behavior of routes, customers, etc. using machine learning.
  • Create different report templates with 50+ available visualizations.
  • Billing reports.
  • Support of external billing system through CDRs export.

A Platform
That Fits Your Needs

  • Customizations according to your specific needs.
  • SLA-based support plans, with up to 24/7 plan.
  • Flexible pricing model.
  • Quick deployment anywhere in the world with no need for local installation and hardware.
  • Cloud-based: redundancy, scalability, auto backup mechanism, no hardware purchase, and maintenance needed, minimal TCO.

Security is Important

Information is power, so we ensure that your information and data are kept safe, following the latest technology trends.

ISO27001 Certified

Cytech Mobile has been certified with ISO 27001 for the Development and Provision of Software and Services.

GDPR Compliant

Cytech Mobile’s software and services provided is compliant with the GDPR requirements.

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