First class messaging

For a high availability and high throughput SMS business

Handle complex routing and billing reliably, with multiple SMS providers


Multiple SMS connections at hand

Interconnect with multiple SMS providers who use different protocols with SMS Gateway. We integrate all SMS connection protocols and provide you with a single API to hook up to your application. Seamlessly and without any technical knowledge.

SMS Gateway transactions

More than 10.000 transactions per second

Increase your SMS availability and offer to your customer the highest throughput in the SMS market. Providing SMPP connectivity to your application and more than 10.000 transactions per second even your most demanding customers will be satisfied.

SMS Routing Tool

Graphical Routing configuration

No need for command line knowledge. Account managers, routing managers or business development personnel can set the routing for their customers with a few clicks on the mCore routing management module. For those addicted to black & white screens the command line user interface is still there.


Dynamic routing for steady performance

Performance of SMS dispatches is monitored from a simple web interface providing you with a clear and overall SMS route performance. Dynamically switch to better performing SMS route whenever any underperformance is detected and provide a steady SMS routing performance to your clients.

Why use our software?

We support all industry standard SMS exchange protocols and provide one simple API to use. This way, you can offer your clients & resellers the best price – quality combination. We handle the technical complexity, so the technology doesn’t slow down your sales!


Lightning-fast SMS Gateway, with sustained throughput of 11500 Transactions Per Second,
backed by the Amazon Cloud infrastructure for high-availability & fault-tolerance. Your SMS routes might go down, but our gateway won’t. One less thing to worry about..


  • Multiple interconnections (SMPP, CIMD2, EMI/UCP, PARLAYX)
  • 2-way SMS Traffic (Send / Receive)
  • Inbound and outbound SMS routing
  • Flexible and Dynamic Routing
  • Intelligent rule-based routing table
  • Least Cost Routing (LCR)
  • Dynamic, on-the-fly SMSCs management
  • Support for custom SMSCs (third party SMSC APIs)
  • Support of SMS modifiers: On-the-fly customizable modifications to processed SMS traffic
  • Message Prioritization, Retry, Filtering, Throttling
  • Command-line interface (CLI) makes it easy to quickly apply changes to the configuration & routing.
  • Powerful Billing for Wholesale SMS scenarios
  • SMPP / HTTP / custom interconnections:
    • SMPP
    • CIMD2
    • HTTP custom implementations
    • EMI/UCP
    • Web Services custom implementations
  • Multiple message types
    • GSM Text SMS
    • Unicode Text SMS
    • Multipart (Concatenated) SMS
    • Flash SMS
    • WAP push messages
  • Dynamic Routing
    • Inbound and outbound SMS routing
    • Intelligent rule-based routing table
    • Dynamic, on-the-fly SMSCs management
    • Support for custom SMSCs (third party SMSC APIs)
    • Failover mechanism,
    • Load balancing options,
    • Support of SMS modifiers
  • Delivery
    • Immediate SMS delivery
    • Message Prioritization, Retry, Filtering, Throttling
    • Blacklist support
  • Delivery Reports
    • Real-time delivery reports (DLRs)
    • Detailed delivery reports
  • Mobile Number Portability support
    • Real-time HLR lookups
    • Support for multiple HLR Providers
  • High performance
    • Lightning fast routing (of ~50.000 SMS/second)
  • Detailed SMS records
  • Store & Forward
    • Intelligent message queuing system
    • RDBMS message queues support
    • Support for internal storage of SMS messages until delivery possible
  • Architecture
    • Scalable distributed across network architecture
    • Extensible plugin based architecture
    • Fault tolerant architecture
  • Other Features
    • Built in SMPP server
    • Support for third party APIs
    • Extensive system logs for troubleshooting
    • Real-time performance report (through logging)
    • Character mapping support
    • Real time system setup, onboard resource and routing management

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Our Products work perfectly together

Couple mCore Bulk SMS product and complete end-to-end your SMS business. Increase your revenue performance by using the product to resell SMS and increase your volume. Flexible and dynamic rooting in combination to high availability will satisfy the needs of your most demanding customers and increase sales volume.

SMS Billing Vas Gateway SMS Billing Vas Solution SMS Gateway Image Map

Combine our Bulk SMS solution with SMS Gateway and excel in Bulk SMS business. Use the top functionality of mCores Bulks SMS in combination with maximum quality and throughout of SMS Gateway and provide a top notch Bulk SMS solutions to your customers.



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