Mobile payments on the next level

A customized SMS billing platform to satisfy your needs

Enhance your mobile payment channel with our best in class billing product. Easily customized, direct and automated.


Customized billing at your service

Easily design billing policies and integrate them in your website or your value added services. Automate recurring payments and apply them to your users and subscriber database. Open up and offer your users billing options they will love.

Why use our software?

mPayments providers do offer you the payment channel but they often require you to implement your own software application for handling the custom billing logic you have in mind for your subscribers. The mCore SMS Billing System allows you to design your own billing policy and integrate that to your website – or other Content Delivery Channel – in order to automate your recurring payments (SMS Subscriptions) process.

Billing reports and insights
Our reporting offers detailed subscription analytics, transactions logs and all necessary information to understand your user and habits. Export data and valuable insights on your subscribers’ behavior and adjust your policies to maximize your profit.

  • Custom billing based on subscriber needs
  • Recurring billing
  • Failed billings mechanism
  • Retry billing mechanism
  • Interconnection with your preferred mobile payments provider
  • Integration with website as content distribution channel
  • Manual and automated subscription management
  • Alerts for overdue users
  • Advanced reporting for user insights
  • Detailed reporting and transactional history
  • Flexible interconnection options / custom interconnections,
  • Custom billing logic,
    • Billing period (e.g. once a week),
    • Fail handling policy (e.g. in case of no balance on a pre-pay account),
    • Retry policy (e.g. retry all failed subscribers every day at 09:00 am),
  • Subscription Management: 
    • Manual opt-in by human operator,
    • Manual opt-out by human operator,
    • Automated opt-in via SMS,
    • Automated opt-out via SMS
  • Reports:
    • opt-ins,
    • opt-outs,
    • Profit reports over specific periods, for increased insight,
    • Subscription Analytics,
    • Detailed transaction logs,
    • Access payments history – system keeps a long-term record of invoices and payments for each member,
    • Download member data for analysis in a spreadsheet,
    • Filter reports by date and who has fully paid or not.
  • Billing
    • Schedule regular payment requests (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and annually),
    • Automated recurring billing handling,
    • Custom recurring billing schedules,
    • Automated Member Optin/Optout,
    • Automated Membership Renewal.
  • Participation/Activity Tracking
    • Easily identify overdue members
    • View breakdowns of which members paid by what payment method
    • View and handle failed payment requests

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Our Products work perfectly together

Couple mCore Bulk SMS product and trigger the audience about their payments. Increase the revenue performance by using bulk SMS to create notifications and engage remind your customers about their payments. Enhance your communication by adding status alerts, security pin codes or other payment related information.

SMS Billing Vas Gateway

SMS Billing Vas Solution SMS Gateway Image Map

Connect the SMS Billing product with mCore Bulk SMS and drive the mobile payment experience wild. Everyone loves their mobile phone. Make them love your SMS Billing.

Put SMS Billing on top of mCore VAS and maximize the end to end experience of your audience. All you need is adding value service and a reliable and one button payment channel

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