Lead your leads

Qualify and generate leads from your contacts

Distill noise from your contacts by simply triggering and measuring their response.


How it works

Have an existing contact database or just purchased a new one? How can you spot the potential customer amongst them? mCore’s Lead Generation product helps you create two way SMS communication campaigns to activate your contacts, measure their engagement and assess their responses based on your custom criteria and metrics. Short or Long codes can be used for your contact’s responses while the Lead Generation can work with

Campaigns Screen

Campaigns and analytics

Lead Generation product comes with an easy to use campaign editor and out-of-the box templates. Design the most effective campaigns and use our advanced analytics to assess the performance of your campaigns. All analytics can be exported for post processing or use in presentations.

Save your time and money

Save your time and money

Get rid of “zombie” contacts and focus on potential customers. Create smart campaigns, assess responses and analytics and evaluate your contacts based on their lead score. mCore Lead Generation helps you saves your from your sales effort and call costs by helping you prioritize and target the “hot stuff”.

Why use our software?

A Lead Generation Tool you can buy for your call centre, in order to identify hot leads, before even calling them! Using cold data, the conversion rate on average is around 1%, with contactability in the region of 80%; while for hot leads, the conversion rate on average is approximately 10% – 20% and contactability in the region of 70%. So the process is that the direct marketer sends an SMS to each lead and gets back a response make this lead a hot one, saving both time (no agent spends their time cold calling) and money (SMS is considerably cheaper than voice calls).


  • Full control of your contact’s database
  • Web Opt-in for capturing new leads online
  • SMS Opt-in, for capturing new leads / qualifying old leads via text messages
  • Unlimited short codes / long codes support for different countries
  • Qualify old leads in your leads database for new campaigns / products
  • Fully customizable lead qualification and generation campaigns
  • “Incentive” based lead qualifications campaigns with automated Prize Draws for leads
  • Multiple account types for different users with different needs
  • Bulk Import from Excel, CSV, txt, etc.
  • Bulk Export to Excel, CSV, PDF
  • Online Contact Editor
  • Easy Contact segmentation with the usage Contact Groups
  • Smart Search and filtering capabilities
  • Location Targeted SMS
  • Flexible interconnection options / custom interconnections,
  • Custom billing logic,
    • Billing period (e.g. once a week),
    • Fail handling policy (e.g. in case of no balance on a pre-pay account),
    • Retry policy (e.g. retry all failed subscribers every day at 09:00 am),
  • Subscription Management: 
    • Manual opt-in by human operator,
    • Manual opt-out by human operator,
    • Automated opt-in via SMS,
    • Automated opt-out via SMS
  • Reports:
    • opt-ins,
    • opt-outs,
    • Profit reports over specific periods, for increased insight,
    • Subscription Analytics,
    • Detailed transaction logs,
    • Access payments history – system keeps a long-term record of invoices and payments for each member,
    • Download member data for analysis in a spreadsheet,
    • Filter reports by date and who has fully paid or not.
  • Billing
    • Schedule regular payment requests (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and annually),
    • Automated recurring billing handling,
    • Custom recurring billing schedules,
    • Automated Member Optin/Optout,
    • Automated Membership Renewal.
  • Participation/Activity Tracking
    • Easily identify overdue members
    • View breakdowns of which members paid by what payment method
    • View and handle failed payment requests

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Our Products work perfectly together

Couple mCore Bulk SMS product and trigger your leads. Hot leads can be directly communicated via Bulk SMS so as to work more on converging the contacts to real customers.

Bulk SMS Vas Lead Generation Software

Bulk SMS Vas Solution Lead Generation Software Image Map

Combine our VAS solution with Lead Generation to improve your lead qualification and generation process. Create interactive follow ups on the hot lead that come from Lead Generation and exploiting all functionalities and capabilities of mCore VAS Solution. Engage your contacts to a 2way communication and quickly converge them to real customers


Connect your Lead Generation product with Bulk SMS product to directly send them bulk SMS. Hot leads that become actual customers are seamlessly integrated to your Bulk SMS product so you can handle, from a single interface, Bulk SMS campaigns or automated (application 2 person) SMS communication.


Powerful User Management:

Unlimited Users

Unlimited Users

Role-Based Access (RBA) system for Permissions

Role-Based Access
(RBA) system for Permissions

CRM Integration

CRM Integration

Sign Up Form

Sign Up Form

Federated login

Federated login



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