mCore Dashboards – Visual Intelligence

The 1st Business Intelligence platform for the mobile messaging, marketing & payments

Maximize the value of your data & generate insights, visualizations and reports

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Real-time data powering your messaging business

The only Business Intelligence cloud based platform built on the needs of mobile services with 360-degree real-time view, coming from your data live feed.

Live SMS Traffic Monitoring

Get the information to fit your needs

mCore Dashboards has a growing library of 50+ ready-made KPIs, metrics, charts and graphs, which you can immediately use to slice and dice your data as well as to develop a successful Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning strategy.

Live SMS Traffic Monitoring

DIY with our support

Make your own charts and dashboards using our customizable user interface. We, at Cytech, have your back with dedicated team for personal assistance, training and consultancy.

Live SMS Traffic Monitoring

Personalized Information for your teams

Create or use different ready-made dashboards for your account managers, customer support, operations, marketing and C-level managers.

Why use mCore Dashboards

Get easily, valuable and effective insights about your business

Be agile by identifying the evolving market opportunities

Know at anytime your real-time profits and revenues

Base your business decisions on your data

Proactively identify technical weaknesses and failures

Develop an effective marketing strategy

  • Real time data stream
  • Multiple user licenses
  • Custom reports and visualizations
  • Different Dashboards per user/role
  • Sharing Dashboards and reports with your clients or partners/colleagues
  • Advanced reporting
  • Security and role based access
  • Notifications based on simple rules
  • Run search queries
  • Library of ready KPIs, metrics, graphs & charts
  • Personal training and consultancy

Get more from mCore

mCore Products work perfectly together

Couple the mCore Dashboards with other mCore products and get in-depth knowledge of your revenues from mobile messaging, marketing and payment services. Enable mCore Dashboards to your mCore account and get a powerful view of your data so you can monitor your Bulk SMS traffic or your mCoupons campaign in real time. Prepare reports for your customers or your company, increasing customer retention and loyalty by empowering your business with mCore Dashboards. All the data from the other mCore products is available for you to analyze in depth and draw useful conclusions that can give you the necessary edge in the competitive mobile messaging and mobile payments market.

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Provide mCore Dashboards to your mBilling, Bulk SMS, mCoupons and SMS VAS customers for a better experience and in order for you to increase your revenues. The most valuable asset in our era is information and knowledge.

Take advantage of the 1st Business Intelligence tool specifically created to cover the needs of the mobile messaging and m-payments market.

mCore Dashboards helps you transform the information that you already posses into knowledge that you need.

Sounds like something important that you need?



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