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Your SMS routes, your pricing, your rules.

Trust your bulk SMS messaging business on a robust, market-proven, high quality solution.

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More than just an SMS reseller

We offer you the capability to blend multiple SMS routes, on the same Web SMS platform. Meet the diverging requirements of each customer by adapting your SMS routes to their needs. mCore Bulk SMS comes with a fully featured Web SMS platform and customizable front end website.

Why mCore Bulk SMS?

We incorporate more than 15+ years of experience and address the most demanding business needs. With our product you can either sell directly SMS to your customers or even have resellers.

A truly useful tool to expand your SMS Business, with no constraints and no actual technical knowledge. mCore Bulk SMS provides a unique flexibility in SMS route management, advanced customer handling, billing and reporting. mCore Bulk SMS can connect with all other mCore product such like the VAS Solution, Mobile Coupon, SMS Billing, Lead Generation and SMS Gateway to satisfy different needs and empower businesses with mobile technology.

Interested in a flexible hosting solution? MCore Bulk SMS can be hosted either on your premises, or as a SaaS solution hosted on the leading Cloud provider – Amazon Web Services (AWS) – for maximum reliability.

Live SMS Traffic Monitoring

Real Time SMS monitoring

Real time reporting of the SMS traffic of user type. Pin down every SMS delivery report from the SMS traffic that is handled by your Bulk SMS platform. Views and exports of detailed reports are available to all mCORE Bulk SMS users.

Contacts management / mini CRM

Advanced Usage reporting

Real time reports of user SMS sendings and user activities. Get valuable insight from the Bulk SMS sendings that takes place and the purchased SMS and efficiently target the needs of each customer. Do you need more detailed reporting? See mCore Dashboards, our Business Intelligence and Analytics Software.

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Powerful user management

We offer full control and visibility over your users with our Role-Based Access (RBA) model. Add, edit and manage user permissions and activities. Create custom sign up forms to fully target your users.

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Flexible Contact Management

Import and export contacts at a glance using excel, csv, txt or pdf files. The online editor with the extended customized fields helps you to manage your contacts with ease. Segment your audience by creating contact groups and target them efficiently with SMS campaigns and in one simple step.

  • Multiple SMS route aggregation and monitoring
  • Multiple API connectivity support with SMS Routes and business applications
  • Seamless assignment of SMS routes to different resellers and users
  • Flexible user pricing based on user’s selected SMS routes
  • Vendor Price Lists: Calculate your profits for each and every SMS
  • Least Cost Routing (LCR) option
  • Full front-end product customization for white labeling
  • Multi-level Reseller Support
  • Advanced Campaign management and reporting
  • Cloud-based hosting or On-premises solution
  • Billing System:
    • Multi-currency support: Different currency for each user
    • Virtual-currency (credits) support
    • Different Price per Carrier
    • Volume-Based Pricing
    • Different Price per Customer
    • Vendor Prices: Calculate your profit for each and every SMS
    • Least Cost Routing (LCR): Route messages depending on vendor prices
  • SMPP / HTTP / custom interconnections:
    • SMPP Server + SMPP Client
    • CIMD2
    • HTTP custom implementations
    • EMI/UCP
    • Web Services custom implementations
  • Powerful User Management:;
    • Unlimited Users,
    • Role-Based Access (RBA) system for Permissions,
    • CRM Integration,
    • Sign Up Form,
    • Federated login.
  • Multiple SMS vendors,
  • Multi-tier White-label Resellers:
    • Different domain per reseller,
    • Different branding per reseller,
    • Nested resellers option,
    • Each reseller manages their own customers / resellers.
  • Bulk SMS:
    • Group SMS
    • Schedule SMS
    • Personalized SMS
    • Location Targeted SMS
    • SMS From File Upload
    • HTTP API for Bulk SMS
    • Bulk SMS Pricelist Configuration
  • Contacts management / mini CRM:
    • detailed/full contact profile with 10 customizable fields, for extensibility
    • bulk import from Excel, CSV, txt, etc.
    • bulk export to Excel, CSV, PDF
    • contact groups, for easier management
    • online editing of each contact info.
  • Online Payments:
    • your customers can purchase credits Online,
    • Paypal support,
    • integration with your desired payments gateway


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Our Products work perfectly together

The mCore Bulk SMS product can be seamlessly combined with mCore SMS Gateway. As your business and customers grow so will your needs for higher availability and performance. With more than 10.000 transactions per second, mCore SMS Gateway offers a robust fast SMS sending channel to high volume API clients.

Bulk Vas Coupon Bulk SMS Vas Solution Mobile Coupon Image Map

mCoupons is the next generation targeted audience marketing tool. Engage your audience with our rich multimedia coupon campaign or the simple text (SMS) coupons of mCore Bulk SMS. mCoupons wins them all by covering the full mobile coupon lifecycle. From designing and delivering the mobile coupon, to user redemption and campaign reporting.

Combine our VAS solution with Bulk SMS and enjoy 2-way SMS communication with your audience. Send Bulk SMS messages and single handily manage customer responses from a single interface. Picking off the shelf VAS templates, create response rules and make your customer communication automated and interactive.

Sounds interesting?

Powerful User Management:

Unlimited Users

Unlimited Users

Role-Based Access Control

Role-Based Access Control
(RBA) system for Permissions

CRM Integration

CRM Integration

Signup Forms

Signup Forms

Google Login

Google login



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