Bulk & Interactive SMS Combined In SMS Platform 5.0

by Cytech, 28 June 2011
 prosmswithSignUpAthens, GREECE, 28 June, 2011, Cytech Ltd. announces the launch of its latest version of the SMS Platform, that combines both Bulk and Interactive SMS campaigns in one package. The SMS Platform is a white-label software solution for SMS Marketing Campaigns, and stands as the leading SMS Marketing software in Greece, backed by international clients from Europe, N. America, Africa and Asia.

Bulk SMS 

Our Bulk SMS module provides an easy-to-use interface for mass SMS dispatches to large groups of recipients. It is used by Marketing Agencies, Politicians, Communities, Radio and TV Stations, Retail Shops and B2B Businesses, and can also be used by anyone wishing to contact a list of people for informative purposes, to send out mobile coupons or for other promotional campaigns.

In more detail, the following key features are supported:

  • Detailed SMS History: all messages have detailed delivery status reports
  • Alphanumeric originator: set any alphanumeric value (e.g. your company name) as the sender of your SMS messages
  • User Balance: each platform user has their own balance for sending bulk SMS
  • SMS Price list: different price per destination Mobile Network Operator.
  • Account Transactions: history of User payments and invoices issued.
  • Offline Payments support and manual User balance correction tool.


Interactive SMS

SMSP provides a number of off-the-shelf two-way SMS Services, in order to cover the wide variety of needs for today’s mobile marketing campaigns.

SMS Platform enables advertisers to communicate directly with their service participants by providing both automatic, as well as manual reply capabilities, participant grouping for mass SMS messages, incoming messages editing / moderation based on their content, and export capabilities as an RSS 2.0 feed.

In addition, the SMS Platform provides users with SMS Conversation History, a feature that allows users to view the messages that participants and the platform have exchanged.

With real time statistics and delivery reports at hand, users may decide to reconfigure service parameters without interrupting their service, and thus losing incoming SMS messages.

SMS Platform owners also have Google analytics support for analyzing their users’ traffic, as well as the ability to synchronize with a 3rd party CRM tool.


Billing Reports

The SMS Platform offers an automated billing tool which can be used by platform administrators in order to automatically calculate how much they need to credit each of their clients (i.e. platform users). The same service can also be used by simple platform users to automatically calculate how much they have earned for specific time periods.


User Sign Up

The SMS Platform provides the administrator, with the ability to give customers access to a Sign Up form, allowing them to create an account online. This way an administrator can redirect internet users from a promotional site to the SMS Platform Sign Up form, so they can then test and use their SMS Services. In addition the administrator can control exactly what information each can user can view, and what actions they can perform.

Market Proven Software

The SMS Platform offers a wide range of capabilities, functions and tools in order to implement integrated marketing campaigns through SMS. With active installations in Greece, United Kingdom, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and soon Mexico and Thailand, gives the ability to monitor in real time their campaigns and support campaigns like Opinion, Vote, Register, Sweepstake / Text2Win, Redirect, Text4Info , TV Chat / Text2Screen and others.



Cytech Ltd. offers two licensing models (Full License or Software as a Service), in order to accommodate the different needs of each of their customers. Please visit the platform website for more information.


About Cytech Ltd.

Cytech Ltd. is a mobile applications and solutions provider that applies innovative technology to solve today’s business challenges and create opportunities. The company provides clients with mobile expertise to assist in developing specific objectives and achieving them.

It is a one-stop mobile marketing powerhouse, with complete solutions for bluetooth / proximity marketing, SMS marketing campaigns, bulk SMS, or any other type of event marketing.