Cytech Ltd. Expands Its Business to Eastern Africa

by Cytech, 1 December 2011
24_trans_210x145Heraklion, Greece, December 1st, 2011 – Mobile Marketing software provider Cytech Ltd. expands its business to Kenya on SMS Marketing services.

AirTouch Connections Limited, the new client of Cytech Ltd. is a Kenyan telecommunications Service Provider which has been in operation since September 2006.  Until now, they have managed to develop a customer base of over 19,450 accounts by end of 2010 and a reputation for excellence and reliability in service delivery.

As of today, AirTouch can broaden their business to the field of SMS / text-message marketing based on the SMS Platform acquired from Cytech Ltd., offering their customers a unique combination of 1-way Bulk SMS services, with a wide range of 2-way Interactive SMS services (SMS Votes, SMS Promotions, SMS Quizzes, SMS Opinion Casting, SMS Contests, and SMS Registration services, among others) based on their individual needs.

Kenya can be considered an emerging market for mobile marketing technologies and we are really excited with our new cooperation empowering our presence in Eastern Africa. We will continue to expand our business and broaden our customer base, always committing to offer our customers top quality services, constant innovation and attractive offers’ states Mr. Vagelis Antoniadis, co-founder of Cytech Ltd.

Since the mobile phone was introduced in Kenya more than 10 years ago, it is a tool that every Kenyan now embraces with a current 25M+ subscribers. Being also a money transfer tool where the famous MPESA rides, Kenyans love their mobile phones reading every SMS that comes in. It is on this basis that we have decided to partner with Cytech Ltd to help local product and service providers deliver best value and quality to their consumers’ pocket using the Mobile SMS Marketing’ states Mr. Dominic Ogeto, General Manager of AirTouch Connections Limited.

Cytech’s SMS Platform ( is a white-label software solution designed for SMS / Text-Message Marketing Campaigns, and stands as the leading SMS Marketing software in Greece, backed by international clients from Europe, N. America, Africa and Asia.

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About Cytech Ltd.

Cytech Ltd. is a mobile applications and mobile marketing solutions provider with an international customer base. Based on its 10-year experience in the field of mobile marketing, the company provides consulting services in mobile marketing and develops its own software solutions which it customizes to the individual customer’s needs.

It is a one-stop mobile marketing powerhouse, with complete solutions for bluetooth / proximity marketing, SMS marketing campaigns, bulk SMS, or any other type of event marketing.


About AirTouch Connections Ltd.

AirTouch Connections Limited (ACL) is an Application and Content Service Provider under license from the Communications Commission of Kenya that specializes in Information & Communication Technology (ICT) and Mobile & Internet based solutions. We create innovative solutions and services for businesses and mobile subscribers.

We strive to understand the needs of users as it applies to mobile services and then create and develop mobile solutions that meet those needs. We lead in providing mobile entertainment, information, advertising and financial services to businesses, politicians and end user customers.