Cytech announces Mobile Marketing Platform v4.1

by Cytech, 29 August 2008
Cytech, Ltd a leading sms marketing, mobile and proximity marketing solutions provider, launched version 4.1 of its Mobile Marketing Platform (SMSP) . The SMS Platform is a mobile marketing tool developed to provide marketeers with the ability to implement mobile marketing services, via short numbers, like poll, trivia and sweepstake. SMSP handles the routing, management and delivery of SMS messages and offers an easy way to create mobile marketing campaigns through a specialized web application. It is suitable for all companies and organizations that need the power of directness SMS provides, in order to reach their customers.

SMSP has been built with a combined ease of use and robustness in mind, and focuses on delivering the best quality of services to its users, based on a long-lasting professional experience in the field of mobile marketing applications. The SMS Platform provides a variety of services , in order to cover the diverging needs in the marketing world. It is based on an open architecture that allows new services to be built into the platform and integration with other platforms or services.

Experienced marketing professionals can use SMSP as a tool to aim directly towards specific target groups which will match the needs of their clients and approach these groups with minimal cost and high quality services.

SMSP v4.1 enables advertisers to communicate directly with service participants by responding to incoming SMS, or to groupparticipants in order to later be able to communicate with them via mass SMS. They may also moderate incoming messages by deciding which to accept / reject based on their content, and also edit message content appropriately. With real time statistics and reporting in mind, advertisers may reconfigure service parameters without interrupting their service, and thus losing incoming SMS messages.

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About Cytech

Cytech Ltd was founded in Heraklion in November 2001. Its main objective is to offer innovative business solutions in the area of Information Technology. It is currently active in the fields of mobile and proximity marketing where it has established its presence over the years through a range of successful solutions and services aimed at professionals.

The main goal of Cytech Ltd. is to design and provide cutting-edge solutions that can fully cover the needs of modern businesses in the field of mobile services. To accomplish this goal, it combines the knowledge and experience in the field with the latest and most sophisticated technologies, for both its software development and consulting services.

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