AfricaCom 2015

AfricaCom 2015

by Cytech, 16 October 2015

 Looking for an SMS Gateway that can SCALE 
Find out more @ AfricaCom, Cape Town!

We, in the mCore Team, have been having our hands full with all the under-the-hood performance improvements we’ve been working on, so it’s now time you heard about them!

It takes time to reach 10K (and still counting…) transactions per second you see. Just as it takes time to craft a powerful engine. An engine we have fine-tuned through meticulous performance testing, allowing us to boast one of the fastest and most reliable gateways on the market.

But if your wholesale SMS traffic is in the (tenths of) millions of SMS per month, it’s nice to know you can scale with your existing software. It’s nice to know you won’t need to build or buy another solution after you get the big clients, who can easily walk away if your infrastructure can’t support their traffic.

And then, there’s *the* Cloud.

aws logo

Amazon Cloud, of course. The leader in Cloud provisioning.

Because you simply don’t race a formula one car on a gravel road.

If you’d like to learn more, please drop us an email! We’ll be happy to hear from you! And for those of you attending Africa’s biggest Telecoms event in November, we’ll be there too! Just let us know, so we can book a meeting!

Kind regards,
The mCore Team
Cytech Mobile

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