Happy Birthday Cytech! 22 and counting

The month of November holds special significance for Cytech as it marks the company’s founding anniversary. Specifically, as of November 17th of 2023, Cytech is 22 years old.

We always look out for opportunities to get together and what better reason than to celebrate another year full of innovation, companionship and growth.

This year, to celebrate our birthday, we decided to visit the mountainous area of Anogia, about an hour drive from Heraklion. There, we spent two full days, from November 17th to November 19th, at the Enagron Ecotourism Village in Axos.

Every Cytech-er, from all around Greece and abroad, gathered to spend some quality time, discuss topics of interest and eat amazing food. Quality time was enhanced by playing games and enjoying the amazing nature and views of the Cretan mountains.

Cytech’s birthday events have traditionally been a family gathering. Everyone comes together with their partner and children, which makes the retreat a wonderful and rewarding experience for both kids and adults.

In an open space unconference way, we discussed different subjects ranging from  work, to hobbies, to gadgets, to ecology and various other topics.

  • Some of us learned about the process of creating a board game.
  • All together we discussed what the company’s values are.
  • We brainstormed about the meaning of seniority in the workplace.
  • Some of us tried to teach the others how to play Dungeons & Dragons.
  • Many of us got pumped up playing “The night falls in Palermo”.
  • Alcohol and snacks were involved in our relaxing nights in Enagron
  • We visited the Sfendoni Cave in Zoniana, as well as the Wood Sculpture Museum at Axos.

Overall, we had a great time. Everyone was sad the trip was coming to an end. Spending quality time together is priceless and is the best team building activity we can do.

We all look forward to Cytech’s 23rd birthday and to our next corporate retreat.

Happy Birthday Cytech!