Team - Stelios Mavromichalis

This is another boring text with lots of blah blah blah that he thinks you’ll never get to read. Oh good you made it so far, brave you are! You might want to know a few things after all.

Stelios proudly holds, like many in this company, a degree from CSD, UoC where (Crete) he lived and worked till he got married. Before founding Cytech he worked in financial sector Sigma Securities leading development team just like in Atlantis team of UoC. His most precious possession is a reward T-shit from his team for all the support and help he offers them in “you name it” aspect stating “I never finish anyth…”.

All that is already too long, so, last but not least: “In theory there is no difference between theory and practice, in practice there is!”


email: mstelios [AT]