Cytech turned 20 and visited the Lastithi Plateau

On the 17th of November 2021, Cytech became 20 years old.. So, to celebrate our company’s birthday, and after 2 years of quarantine because of the coronavirus, we organized a 2-day corporate retreat to a mountain village in the Lassithi Plateau for the whole team.

Through various activities, we were able to broaden our horizons, be creative and strengthen our team spirit!
The programme included activities related to our work in the company, such as a presentation on the elastic stack, as well as out-of-work fun activities and presentations.
The team had the opportunity to participate in activities such as cycling, bread making,baking and attending a presentation on board games design.

As our families also participated in the trip, there were many activities designed for the little Cytech-ers as well.
Also, having in the group many people who are not from Crete, we did not miss the opportunity to do some sightseeing, such as visiting the Diktaean Cave.

Of course, there was also plenty of free time for discussions, games, as well as for eating and relaxing.

Distracted by the rhythms of the city and everyday life, and because of remote working, this weekend gave us the opportunity to relax, to discuss issues that concern us inside and outside of work, but most importantly to build and strengthen our friendly relationships.

Happy Birthday and we look forward to our next trip with a lot of excitement!