Mobile Marketing Forum

Mobile Marketing Forum

by Webtrails, 4 December 2017

Cytech’s next visit will be at the Mobile Marketing Forum in Paris. This time we present our new member of the mCore family called mCore Dashboards. We want to demonstrate to marketing companies, agencies and marketeers the power of analytics and the value to know what is the behavior of the end-users, customers and consumersdashboards geo data

mCore Dashboards is the new Business Intelligence and Analytics Dashboards that come with the new version of our suite. It is the only BI and Analytics tool focused on mobile Messaging and Marketing providing data mining mechanisms for predictive analytics, automated alerts and personalized reporting. It comes with more than 30 ready made visualizations but its power lays in giving the ability to its users to dig deep into their data and produce meaningful dashboards. At the same time it is a powerful ally to the support team who can find any piece of data in their vast data set in just a few seconds.
We are very proud to announce that we re-engineer all the data structures under the hood so we provide a tool for visual data representation and decision making. It is the latest addition to our Amazon Cloud – based version of the mCore Business Software suite.
The market proven software for mobile messaging, marketing and payments. Especially, its mobile coupons module provides a 360 degrees coverage of the marketing agency’s needs starting from the creation, the distributions and the redemption of the coupons.  It’s a tool designed for large scale campaigns with millions of coupons as well as for small ones. It works fine for big shop chains and small local brands. Our latest addition, mCore Dashboards, provides the final building block with BI and Analytics and completes the product giving the agency insights in order to better communicate with the consumers.

If you plan on attending Mobile Marketing Forum, feel free to contact us and arrange a meeting in person.

We look forward to seeing you in Paris!!