mCore Dashboards

mCore Dashboards

by Webtrails, 21 February 2017

We are living in the age of the Cloud and Big Data and we see it everyday. We need our data to be accessible from anywhere, anytime. We want all our historical data to be available as well and we hope we can take decisions based on this data. This is where business analytics enter the game. We need tools that gather all the data, analyze them and present us a digested result based on which we can understand if there are problems or what is the right decision to take.

This is very crucial to the SMS world as well. We, at Cytech, are working with millions of SMS every day and the volumes become very large very fast. Most of the times, all the legacy systems, don’t even take into consideration the historical data in order to help the user  take a decision about routing, billing, pricing etc. Most of them, they use today’s or this week’s data and all the rest is either deleted or somehow aggregated losing its quality.

mCore Dashboards at the Mobile World CongressBut mCore is a different story! We have done all these in the past but we soon understood that raw data is always a source of information even if it is not obvious at the beginning so we decided to keep them all. But in order to store billions of SMS you need a sophisticated platform to search, analyze and display them. This is why we need mCore Dashboards. A modern, efficient and unique way to build your own business analytics charts backed by one of the most robust search and analytics engine.

You are welcome to visit us at the Mobile World Congress  in Barcelona, Spain from 27 February to 2 March where we first present mCore Dashboards. You can reserve your seat sending us your info via this form or dropping an email at sales [at]

If you plan on attending MWC 2017, you can find us, like every year at the Greek Pavilion, App Planet, Hall 8.1 I49. Feel free to contact us and arrange a meeting in person.

We look forward to seeing you in Barcelona!!