Cytech implemented the COVID-19 Case Tracking application for the Civil Protection Agency

The Ministry of Citizen Protection and specifically the General Secretariat of Citizen Protection, in order to deal with and ensure the limitation of the COVID-19 spread , as well as to safeguard public health through taking preventive measures, commissioned Cytech to implement a coronavirus case tracking application.

The purpose of this application is to record and manage information about Covid-19 cases and their close contacts. The project was divided into two parts:

  • the first involved the implementation of the form, which is filled out electronically by the PCP trackers via web and
  • the second included the implementation of the case information processing mechanism and the production of reports with the aim of properly monitoring the case tracking process.

The adoption of an electronic case tracking system is an important factor in the successful  reduction of the virus spread in the country. It also accelerated the process and achieved direct and timely monitoring of cases and their close contacts.