mobile2023-10-20by cytech

Cytech attended the 1st Antonio Meucci Awards as their Grand Sponsor

Antonio Santi Giuseppe Meucci, was an Italian genius (1808-1889), who stands as the true inventor of the voice-communication apparatus, preceding even Alexander Graham Bell, who is widely acclaimed as the “Father of Telephony”.

Morethan160 decided to restore Meucci’s name by creating the Antonio Meucci Awards event. The 1st Antonio Meucci Awards took place in the Goya Theater, in Madrid on the 20th of September 2023.

Cytech and the mCore A2P Wholesale Platform, not only attended the event but was the Grand Sponsor of the Awards. Our CEO, Vagelis Antoniadis, gave a speech to open the ceremony as well as presented the first awards.

During the event, 34 prizes were awarded to  140+ nominees, and some inspiring stories were heard about extraordinary individuals and companies that excelled in their respective fields in the Telecoms industry.