Career Intelligence for young adults

Cytech is proud to be part of the new EU project in cooperation with Bochum’s work scientists in the Ruhr-University and other researchers from several EU countries. This time, artificial intelligence is to support young people in their career orientation.

How artificial intelligence (AI) can best support young people in developing professional perspectives and planning their careers is being researched by a European team led by the Institute of Work Science at Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB).  Cytech will be responsible for the design and development of an intelligent learning assistant for the Career 4.0 platform that will facilitate, improve and adapt the learning process introduced by the platform to the individual needs of each involved party with the introduction of Artificial Intelligence. The project also involves promoting entrepreneurial thinking and action at an early stage. The “Career Intelligence ” project is being funded by the European Union (EU) for two and a half years with around 500,000 euros. The project builds on the results of the EU project “Career 4.0” that was awarded as best practice projects by the EU.  In this project, Cytech developed a learning platform that promotes entrepreneurial thinking and action among young people as well as their digital skills across national borders in Europe

The starting signal for the new “Career Intelligence” project was given in our premises in the Research and Technical Institute of Crete, where the kick-off of the project took place at the end of July, 2022 (28-29 July 2022). The meeting succeeded in achieving a number of objectives like getting to know each other and establishing the project network, formation of the project steering group and the advisory committee, designation of responsibilities, explanation of the concrete procedures and working methods in the project, defining the time schedule and work plan, scheduling the follow-up meetings and the most important project activities such as the technical further development of the digital learning platform with the proposed AI tools and more.

The IAW in Bochum is the lead partner of the project and Cytech is one of the partners involved. The following partners are also part of the project:

  • TURUN YLIOPISTO (University of Turku – Finland)
  • Pécs-Baranyai Kereskedelmi és Iparkamara (Pécs Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Pécs-Baranya – Hungary)
  • Gabrovo Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Gabrovo – Bulgaria
  • KEK TEHNIKES SHOLES EPIMELITIRIOU IRAKLEIOU (Technical Institute of Heraklion Chamber, TIHC, Heraklion-Crete – Greece)