Career 4.0 Final Conference

The final conference of the project took place virtually, on the 24th and 25th of January. The conference included tha participation of all project partners along with several external experts who contributed the most in the conference results. Cytech was responsible for the presentations of  “Challenges and opportunities of agile project management in the development of IT solutions, especially a learning platform in digital education” and the” Further development of the learning platform with the help of selected AI tools”. The following objectives were succeeded during the conference:

  • Presentation of the results and successes in the project “Career 4.0” and their classification in the existing national and regional strategies for the promotion of “Entrepreneurship Education” and digital vocational education and training, as well as in the existing qualification concepts and educational structures in the EU countries.
  • Promoting the exchange of national and international experts to reflect on the results and discuss the challenges encountered as well as potential for optimization.
  • Development of regional, national and European strategies for the dissemination and sustainable use of the project results after the end of the project
  • Establishment of the European network in the field of “Digitalization in Vocational Education and Training” and “Entrepreneurship Education”.
  • Establishment a new research consortium for joint future research proposals.