SMS Marketing Platform (SMSP) Version 4.3 Released, with Sign Up Functionality

by Cytech, 20 August 2010
Heraklion, Greece, August 20, 2010 – Cytech Ltd., the Greek mobile marketing software providers, released earlier today the latest version of its online SMS Marketing Platform (SMSP), version 4.3, including UI improvements such as improved GSM validation, bug fixes, improved SMS Ads and the much awaited Sign Up functionality, allowing any online user to register and view a demo of the Platform’s capabilities.

Sign Up
The ability for online users to sign up was included in the release as a crucial feature for any SMS Marketing provider looking to open their platform to the wide internet public. It allows SMS Marketing Service Providers (SPs) to promote and sell SMS Services online, by allowing anyone to create an account, and register for the type of SMS Service that interests them. Additionally, it allows potential buyers of the platform to evaluate its capabilities and User Interface and get an idea of the types of SMS services bundled with the SMS Marketing Platform SMSP.

In addition, the new release contains improved support and handling of in-SMS Ads, which are now more intuitively incorporated into the User Interface, as part of the SMS Service Setup Wizard. It is now easier for SMS Service Providers to add SMS ads at the end of their SMS Response messages, as part of an SMS Advertising campaign.

GSM Validation
SMSP v4.3 also contains improved GSM validation mechanisms in order to aid SMS SPs send response messages that will be readable by the widest possible range of handsets. More importantly, however, the new mechanisms help SPs set up their keywords in such a way that incoming SMS messages in both the GSM and UCS-2 format are better understood, so as to minimize the number of ‘unsuccessful’ SMS messages sent by end users.
Mr. Antoniades, CEO of Cytech Ltd., had this to comment regarding this latest release: “We’ve had a lot of interest towards our SMS Marketing Platform in the past few months, which I can only interpret as a sign that SMS Marketing is becoming more and more widespread throughout the world. We’ve had people contact us from across all five continents, from countries where SMS Marketing is still in its early stages of development. The Sign Up functionality was one of the most requested features we have developed for our clients, so based on that valuable feedback we chose to include it in our standard SMS Platform package”.

The SMS Marketing Platform by Cytech Ltd. is available as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, ensuring peace of mind and smooth operation, based on the 9 years of experience Cytech Ltd. has in the SMS Marketing field. In addition, it is also available to license independently. In both cases, Cytech Ltd. offers custom development and software customization to ensure the SMS Platform is tailored to each customer’s needs.

About Cytech Ltd.
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