Internet via Bluetooth on your mobile!

by Cytech, 12 May 2010
InternetViaBluetoothBluevibe is working on a new Windows application you can use to connect to the Internet from your mobile phone via Bluetooth: [email protected]!

[email protected] brings mobile Internet into your home:

  1. browse the Web lying on your sofa, or when your desktop’s out of reach,
  2. download and install mobile games on your mobile phone,
  3. download ringtones, wallpapers, etc from Internet sites directly on your mobile phone,
  4. chat with your friends, on your favourite IM, anywhere in your house, from your mobile

[email protected] works using the freely available Bluevibe Mobile and is specifically targeted for the home user.

As such it will be an extremely low-cost solution for everyone who has ever needed to connect to the Internet from their mobile phone.