What to expect from Cytech at Messaging & SMS World 2018

What to expect from Cytech at Messaging & SMS World 2018

by Webtrails, 19 November 2018

Cytech once again will attend the Messaging & SMS World 2018 event that takes place in London on the 27th & 28th of November 2018.

We continuously strive to improve the mCore Business Software Suite, the in-house developed software solution for Mobile Messaging, Marketing and Payments, by developing new features, making it more user-friendly and incorporating to it all the new trending services. In the Messaging & SMS World event we will be presenting all the new features of the mCore Platform and specifically the new Message Routing Tool, the OTT messaging service with multiple fallbacks mechanism and the 1st messaging-specific Business Intelligence tool in the world.

Routing User Interface: Following the requests of existing partners that use mCore, we developed a flexible and robust User Interface for the routing mechanism of mCore’s Gateway. However, the Command Line Interface is still there for the advanced users that want to use the full potential of our Gateway when routing and filtering their messages.

OTT messaging: mCore now supports alternative IP messaging networks like Viber, WhatsApp and RCS. The platform’s Bulk Messaging module is now enriched with other mediums, apart from SMS, providing a flexible way to route messages to multiple destinations based on a powerful rules engine with a multiple fallbacks mechanism.

mCore OTT messaging at international events

mCore Dashboards

Business Intelligence and Analytics: Cytech has developed and presents the first full featured Business Intelligence tool (mCore Dashboards) specifically designed for the messaging world. Now, after being live and used by Cytech’s partners for almost a year, Dashboards has gathered very positive comments and has become an invaluable tool for everyone that uses it, offering in-depth analytics based on machine learning for forecasting traffic and income, as well as sophisticated alerting to identify possible anomalies before your customers do.

Messaging & SMS World takes place in London, UK every November and has become a hub of valuable information and one of the meeting hotspots of the messaging world.

If you plan on attending, please fill in the form below to arrange a meeting with us in person, to discuss about an existing partnership or a potential cooperation.

We look forward to seeing you in London!