Tailor-made Software,  Open Source Projects and Research Projects

Custom software for specific needs, Open Source projects that contribute to the community and Research projects to further broaden technology’s use!


Tailor-made Software

Cytech has the know-how and personnel to implement/create software based on the specific needs of each partner. There are many cases of companies and organizations that call for very particular software, which do not exist as ready products or services anywhere in the world. In such cases, Cytech’s team designs and implements the solution that will cover the need of the company or organization, based on its distinct requirements. If you have an inquiry please contact us.

PLF (Passenger Locator form – COVID19)

Assigned by the GRNET – Greek National Infrastructures for Research and Technology

The project concerns the development of the Passenger Locator Form (PLF) , an electronic form that all travelers entering Greece must complete until the day before entering the country. This way the greek government can carry out  the necessary diagnostic screening and keep everyone safe during the COVID19 pandemic.

More info: https://travel.gov.gr

COVID19 cases tracker

Assigned by the Greek General Secretariat for Civil Protection

This project aims to record and manage electronically  information about COVID19 cases and their close contacts. This electronic tracking system is an important success factor for reducing the spread of the virus in the country through the immediate and timely monitoring of the affected cases as well as their close contacts.

Project Management tool

Assigned by the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Insular Policy

The aim of the project is to create a web application which will enable the executives of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Insular Policy to perform easily and efficiently the monitoring and project management  of all actions and projects run by all departments of the Ministry.

Free COVID19 Test Allocation platform – testing.gov.gr , edu.testing.gov.gr & ergasia.testing.gov.gr

Assigned by the GRNET – Greek National Infrastructures for Research and Technology

The aim of the project is the systematic monitoring of the COVID19 rapid tests conducted by the citizens, the members of the educational community and the employees of companies with more than 20 employees. The platform aims to increase significantly the number of rapid tests conducted  in the country, as well as to include in the national strategy against the virus the monitoring of asymptomatic volunteers by randomly selecting 12,000 applicants/citizens daily to be tested for free. 

More info: https://testing.gov.gr  &  https://edu.testing.gov.gr  &  https://ergasia.testing.gov.gr

Application for the Digital Submission of Census Forms

Assigned by the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Insular Policy

In the framework of the Act “Internship of students of Merchant Marine Academies on board to fulfill their first maritime educational voyage”, but also in general for European Community Fund operations, the Ministry of Maritime Affairs is obliged to have a system of data collection, processing, storage and transfer of the  participants data, in order on the one hand to ensure the accuracy and adequacy of the data of the participants and on the other hand the timely updating of the Integrated Information System with these data. The above collection, processing and storage of participants’ data is carried out based on the conditions included in the respective Integration Decision. To this end, a specialized web application was developed for the computerization of the above processes.

EU dPLF (European Digital Passenger Locator form)

Assigned by the University of Thessaly – Special Account for research Grants

The aim of the project is to develop the online passenger tracking form (digital PLF), which is a tool for recording and using the data of passengers traveling from one country to another during the COVID-19 pandemic. The use of this mechanism allows government agencies to impose rules on who can enter the country based on personal data and information about the area from which their journey begins or the area in which they reside. At the same time, it allows the easier detection of COVID-19 cases as it stores accommodation data in the country of arrival.

More info: https://euplf.eu/


OSS projects

Cytech is also very active on the Open Source community and tries to contribute by creating and offering open source software. Furthermore, we actively encourage our team to contribute to OS projects. As a result, these projects usually get triggered by Cytech’s developers, as they notice a gap in the offered OS software in the market and they attempt to cover it by implementing the respective software.

Below you will find a list of some projects we are actively involved in:


A BuddyPress (2.5+) plugin that uses Jitsi Meet to allow the members of a community to participate into virtual conference rooms with video and audio capabilities. More info: https://wordpress.org/plugins/buddymeet/

Contributor: Themis Dakanalis


A chat bot for adding and managing reminders in Google Chat. More info: https://github.com/cytechmobile/reminderbot

Contributors: Pavlos Lykakis, Ioannis Christodoulou, Theodosis Tarlas


Git Extender is a plugin for jet brains products, like IntelliJ IDEA, which offers the option of updating all local branches that track a remote one for all git roots in the project. More info: https://github.com/JChrist/gitextender

Contributor: Ioannis Christodoulou


A docker image with all necessary tools for building a Java/Maven application and/or a Node.js application. More info: https://github.com/cytechmobile/builder

Contributor: Ioannis Christodoulou


Research projects

Cytech is involved in research projects that aim to use cutting edge technology to produce solutions for modern life problems. For these projects, Cytech cooperates with other companies as well as with research and educational institutes from Greece and abroad. These research projects are usually funded by the European Union.

Some examples of research projects, in which Cytech is involved, are the following:


Start Date: July 2018

Project Leader: ICS  Forth – Computational BioMedicine Lab (CBML) 

Funding: Operational Program Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation 2014-2020 (EPAnEK)  – Regional Operational Programs of the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement (NSRF) 2014-2020

The xVLEPSIS project concerns the design and implementation of an integrated scalable alarming system for detecting possible pathological conditions of infants in their crib. The system monitors the baby’s vital signs and notifies the parents and/ or the physician, if needed, via notifications in a smartphone and/or smartwatch.

More info: https://xvlepsis.gr/

Career 4.0

Start Date: September 2019 

Project Leader: Ruhr University Bochum Institute for Work Science

Funding: European Commission 100 % / Program  Erasmus+

The project concerns the development of a digital platform that promotes collaborative, reflective and agile learning among young people and learning facilitators/Mentors. The learning platform ensures direct communication, feedback and flexibility in the use of learning content and a continuous project management of all implementation activities.

More info: https://career4.eu/

Mirage – Automated Detection, Notification and Mitigation of Internet Routing Attacks in Real-Time, as an Integrated Service

Start Date: July 2020

Project Leader: ICS  Forth – Telecommunications and Networks Laboratory

Funding: Operational Program Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Second Round 2014-2020 (EPAnEK)  – Regional Operational Programs of the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement (NSRF) 2014-2020

The “MIRAGE” (Mitigation of Internet Routing Attacks Globally and Efficiently) project focuses on the real-time and fully automated detection and mitigation of cyber-attacks against the Internet inter-domain routing protocol (BGP), which is the standardized protocol for routing packets and advertising reach-ability across networks.

More info: http://mirageproject.net/

If you need a custom software/solution to cover your specific needs, please contact us and we will implement it for you.