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mCore: the team behind

mCore is a trademark of Cytech Mobile, a technology provider based in Greece. Since 2001, Cytech offers mobile solutions to worldwide partners in Europe, Africa, South East Asia and Latin America. Cytech interprets mobile technology trends into meaningful products that cover the needs of a wide range of industries and organizations. From software companies to marketing agencies and value added services providers our technology supports business growth.

Our know-how and innovative applications stem from Cytech’s team of engineers. Participating in world class training, testing edge technologies and agile thinking makes our product development and customer propositions top notch.

Mobile messaging

Enter the profitable bulk SMS messaging business.
Offer to businesses and organizations a complete and easy to use Web SMS platform. Our white label product is fully scalable and supports different user levels and reseller programs. The Bulk SMS platform can connect to mCore’s SMS Gateway or other SMS Gateways while you can also provide your SMS routes directly within the product.

Select your SMS route providers and take control of the price and quality of your SMS with your own SMS Gateway.
We support all SMS route interconnection protocols, so you don’t have to worry about the technical details. All you have to do is integrate our SMS Gateway in your application.

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Drive traffic into your customers business with the power of mobile couponing. Design impressive mobile coupons with the built-in editor. Schedule coupon campaigns and manage their redemption from our easy to use coupon management system.
Measurable campaigns > Meaningful actions > Revenue increase.

Want to combine mobile coupons with bulk SMS dispatches? See our Bulk SMS solutions

Get your target audience to subscribe with the simplest technology: SMS. Report the quality of your leads with our one step mobile number validation. Our fully configurable product also comes with an opt-in and opt-out mechanism for the fully automated subscription and unsubscription to contact lists.

Would you like to follow up your leads with SMS? See our Bulk SMS solutions

Host your Short codes and create unique Value-Added-Services (VAS). Select from a variety of instant win, polling, voting templates and monetize from MT and MO services. Our billing and reporting systems provide you with a detailed revenue insights while keeping ownership of your subscriber’s database.

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Get into the booming world of Mobile payments. Enable the easiest payment channel and help your customers increase their revenue. We offer a fully flexible SMS billing system that meets the most demanding customer needs. Customized billing schemes, payment recurrences, advanced and detailed reporting are offered in our, easy to use, SMS payment platform.

Business Intelligence

mCore Dashboards is the 1st Business Intelligence platform developed specifically for the mobile messaging, marketing & payments market. It offers both real-time views of your data, as well as several reporting charts and tools. It is the “decision makers’ intelligent assistant in telecoms, automatically combining data from multiple sources using data mining techniques and machine learning


We support business and organizations worldwide

We offer 2way SMS communication channels with your audience. Our product suite provides out-of-the box services like real time Chatting, SMS Votes, Large scale campaigns and full flexibility to customize or create your own. Short Code (Premium) SMS or simple Long code numbers are supported depending on customer billing preference. Interested? Click here.
Create 2-way SMS services that truly add value to your subscriber base. We partner up with local registered VASPs to realize campaigns, as application providers. Our technology expertise is transformed into meaningful features for both Short Code hosting and Bulk messaging services. Partner up with us!
Are your SMS traffic sales increasing, but your current technology can’t keep up? You’re in the right place. Our SMS Gateway and white label Bulk SMS product can support your business excellence with a top notch mobile messaging product. Find out more.
Our product suite is the best mobile marketing multi tool on the market. We deliver the latest technologies to base your killer marketing campaigns and your 2way mobile communication channels with your audience. You can build more services than you can imagine and offer more value to your customers that they can dream on.
Enhance the experience of customer support and engaging the mobile communication with your customers. Forget the long call agent queues and integrate instant mobile communication channels like the SMS, push notifications or Premium services and empower customer satisfaction.

mCORE: The product suite that enables your mobile business

Developed to satisfy different business needs, our product suite is one of a kind! From service creation to marketing and payments. Additionally, each product of the suite can be used in a standalone mode or in combination with other products.Even if you are in the mobile marketing business for years, take some time to check what our software solutions can bring you. We have made sure it will be worth your time!




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