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Antifraud API, Subscription management, Premium SMS flow control, stop fraud on carrier billing subscriptions, Antifraud subscription services flow Business intelligence, BI tool, 1st BI tool for telecoms & messaging, Machine learning, in-depth reporting, Analytics, Alerting, use your data to make decisions


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Mobile coupon campaigns - high impact - high ROI Business intelligence, BI tool, 1st BI tool for carrier billing, Machine learning, in-depth reporting, Analytics, Alerting, use your data to make decisions


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We are Experts in Mobile Tech


Cytech develops mobile solutions that translate business needs into technology. We provide our clients with our expertise in the telecoms sector, to assist in creating and exploiting new business opportunities. We are a one-stop powerhouse, with complete, in-house solutions for mobile messaging, mobile marketing and carrier billing.

Mobile Experts since 2001

Through our solutions, we have helped shape the evolution of mobiles, from the time they were just used for calling and texting to the days of the smartphone.

Trusted in 25+ Countries

Our business is global and we know how to work with partners across timezones. We have been the trusted technology partners for companies in 25+ countries.

Your Tech Partner

With a strong team of specialized engineers behind us, we have the in-house expertise to deliver reliable and high performance solutions.

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Looking for mobile messaging, marketing or payments solutions?

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Our Services

SMS Messaging

Cytech Mobile owns the well-known Bulk SMS website in Greece, ProSMS.gr.  It is used by Enterprises to communicate via SMS with their customers. Check out ProSMS.gr

Carrier Billing

We are a registered Premium-Rate SMS VAS Provider in Greece, with competitive revenue payouts for our partners. Use our shortcodes to sell digital content or run 2way SMS services.

Mobile Coupons

Cytech Mobile offers to companies the capability to run mobile coupon campaigns, in order to enrich the coupon experience of users and build the Loyalty of its customers.

Our Products

A2P Wholesale Platform

A  cloud-based white label business platform for any company that wants to be an A2P Messaging Wholesaler.

Carrier Billing Platform

A cloud-based white label business platform for any company that wants to be a Carrier Billing services provider and/or aggregator.

m-Marketing Platform

A cloud-based white label business platform for any company that wants to be a Mobile Marketing services provider.

mCore Dashboards

The 1st Business Intelligence tool, designed and developed specifically for the mobile messaging, marketing & payments market. It is offered as an add-on to all our platforms.

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Customer Support

As your technology partner, we'll always be there to assist you with your business. We know that's the only way to keep you happy and that's something we really do care about!

Deliver Worldwide

Deliver Worldwide

In today’s connected world, telecoms services extend beyond country borders, so our technology solutions will work for you, wherever you are.

24/7 Technical Support

24/7 Technical Support

When it gets mission critical, we are there to make sure everything runs smoothly. Choose the support level that fits your needs and we will be there to support your business.

Any Questions?

Any Questions?

We offer SLA-backed technical support, with scaling levels of response / resolution times, that can suit varying business needs – from occasional campaigns to sustained high traffic scenarios.

Software Development Projects

Open source software


Tailor-Made Software

Cytech Mobile and its team have been working on software development since 2001, with extensive experience in designing and creating solutions that can address every need of the modern company. We are eager to work with you to design and develop solutions that will help your business move forward and grow.

Open source software


Open Source Software

Cytech Mobile is very active in the software development community and is keen on helping the open source community grow. Its team members are encouraged to propose ideas for OS projects and software, as well as to develop these projects. This has resulted in the production of a variety of OS software that are now available to the community.


Research Projects

Using technology to solve people’s everyday problems and make their lives easier, is also a target for Cytech Mobile. Towards this direction, Cytech participates in various research projects together with other companies and education institutes, from Greece and abroad.

Our partners

Our Partners

Throughout the years we have worked with a number of local partners across diverse markets and timezones. We are Agile enough to adapt to any scenario, whatever your mobile messaging, marketing or payments needs.
Please contact us to describe your scenario and speak to one of our Solution Design Experts about how you can join our network of partners.

Contact us to find out more about us and how we can work together.